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Welcome to Sustain Europe


Sustain Europe is a European briefing covering sustainable travel, business affairs, business travel, foreign direct investment, sustainable development and more: informatively, without agenda, and in a way that delivers commercial and environmental benefit.



Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to help destinations, businesses, governments and organisations get their messages seen by a wider audience in order to share ideas, reach more decision makers, increase their brand awareness and CSR engagement, and sell more of their products and services.


Our vision is of a prosperous and sustainable Europe: one which puts people and planet first.



Our Pledge to the Environment


We pledge to always support the development of a low-carbon economy whilst promoting the sustainable modalities which will help us stay below 1.5°C of warming relative to pre-industrial levels.



No Room for Fossil Fuels or Greenwashing


The environment is very important to us. Which is why at Sustain Europe we categorically refuse to feature or advertise any companies with significant interests and investments in fossil fuels, tobacco, arms, GMOs or any activities which cause harm to wildlife.



Our People


Our team comprises of dedicated editors and journalists who all share one thing in common: a passion for creating a more sustainable world. With over 130 years combined experience in publishing, sustainability, energy, business, travel, and finance, we also leverage a network of experts and journalists across Europe who are able to converse in their local languages to always keep us up to date on the important issues that affect us all.



Our Editorial Code




Editorial Services


Our in-house editorial team offer personalised editorial solutions and create original content for companies wishing to make



Industry Alliances


Sustain Europe is committed to building strategic alliances and working together with partner organisations who equally share our long-term goal of helping Europe build a prosperous, productive, sustainable economy.





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