The VII InterEcoForum: 2018

February 28, 2018   |   Marbella, Spain



IMAGE: Gobierno Vasco / Ihobe

Marbella will host the VII InterEcoForum on the 1st and 2nd of March, 2018. This latest edition will primarily focus on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in the energy sector, new trends in the renewable energy industry, and blockchain technologies, including the impact of cryptocurrencies on industry, amongst other topics.


Amidst the participants will be representatives of high-level energy companies, investment companies looking for new business opportunities, international consultants, as well as technology companies and creators of blockchain platforms which enable the financing of

sustainability and energy projects.


The international meeting will comprise of several key elements: on March 1st sustainable energy business lines will be discussed, different energy efficiency and renewable energy projects will be presented, along with a focus on the strategic management of CO2 emissions. On March 2nd, new technologies linked to the digital economy and energy, blockchain technologies and their impact on industry and the environment, blockchain platforms on climate and renewable energy, latest trends of the digital economy will all be presented. Additionally, there will be an exclusive presentation of the IT HUB recently announced by the Government of Belarus, for which tax exemptions and legal and economic incentives will be offered.


Over the last few years, the InterEcoForum has established itself as one of Europe’s leading annual international events on sustainable development, and has fast become an efficient and functional platform helping to establish and develop business relationships between

representatives of a variety of sectors. From business leaders and investors, to senior managers of companies and professionals from the international energy sector, the InterEcoForum has provided a truly unique opportunity to learn from the sector's protagonists about the latest advancements in the energy sector and sustainable development.


Eight agreements and collaboration memoranda have been signed between the participating companies and stakeholders, with representatives of more than 15 countries attending the events.


Traditionally, the InterEcoForum is held in the beautiful Spanish city of Marbella; a destination which has recently decided to get on board with the sustainable movement and etch a new future for itself as a major environmentally-conscious destination. And given the nature of the InterEcoForum, there really couldn’t be a more fitting location for the event.


A core philosophy of the InterEcoForum is that multi-sectoral harmonisation and cooperation across the international community is one of the most important and successful tools in fostering sustainable development and reducing the rate of climate change. Join the InterEcoForum and help your business develop and reach its maximum potential for a prosperous and sustainable future!


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