Sustaining Europe for the world we live in


One of the most important considerations for Sustain Europe will always be the environment.


In essence, our belief is that there is a lot more to be done in terms of protecting the environment, and this should first and foremost be achieved through business practices. The demand on global resources by businesses is absolutely enormous, and the potential for a noticeable and positive change is equally as large.


Sustain Europe is proud to support European business initiatives against climate change. We recognise that companies in a global economy need to keep abreast of the European sustainable development agenda, and to communicate to governments, stakeholders, partners and shareholders how they are prioritising environmental, social and economic considerations through effective corporate social responsibility practice. Investors look at carbon assets and liabilities as they would any other item on a company's balance sheet, and if a company is not strategically managing its climate change impacts, this will be reflected in the share price. Already indices such as FTSE4good are becoming a significant influencer in the screening process and on relationships with specific stakeholder groups.


We feel that if we can keep up with the message of a greener environment in amongst our usual business messages, and provide as much as possible authoritative guidance on matters of sustainability and the environment as possible, we stand the best chance of facilitating more sustainable business decisions, as well as helping to change the attitudes of senior business decision makers through environmental awareness and advocacy.


The results will be something of benefit to not just the business world, but to the very planet which helps to sustain it.




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