From the very beginning, Sustain Europe has been concerned to play its part in minimising negative environmental

impact, with the ultimate aim of becoming the most environmentally responsible publication in Europe.


Our Carbon Management Plan takes us to BSI PAS2060 specifications and beyond. We are always seeking new ways

in which we can carry out our activities without leaving any carbon footprint.  For the things that are completely unavoidable,

we use an accredited programme to offset 200% of the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities.


We figured that it would be more prudent for us to invite you to contact us directly if you were really

interested in a detailed report outlining exactly how we go about calculating our carbon expenditure.

So for more details on our Carbon Management Plan and to see all authentic carbon

offsetting certificates which have been purchased to date, please email us at:




Having said that, we would still like to kindly ask you for a tiny bit more of your time to tell you

a little bit about some of the ways in which our publication is helping the environment:






It all begins here. Sustain Europe is proud to be printed on Burgo Respecta 100: Europe’s leading FSC® 100% recycled, extra-white gloss-coated paper and coverboard.


Sustain Europe has a strong commitment to keep paper trails to an absolute minimum. We encourage our staff to keep emails and documents on our computers, and discourage any unnecessary printing. All of our accounts are set up so that we are receiving paperless invoices and statements.


All of the paper we use is recycled. No ifs and no buts.


To find out more about the exact range of recycled content papers we use, along with our FSC identification numbers, then please email us at:













Sustain Europe does not use any gas and only uses 100% renewably-sourced electricity supplied by Ecotricity.

We always use laptops in preference to desktops simply because they are more environmentally friendly.

A laptop produces 50% - 80% less CO2 than a desktop.


We switch all of our lighting and electrical equipment off when it's not in use and we try not to implement

the use of standby mode unless absolutely necessary. We take the plugs out of the wall socket, as many

electrical items continue to draw 'phantom power' even when switched off.


We always seek to reduce our energy expenditure not only for the environment,

but also because it makes really good business sense.



Eco-Friendly & Energy Efficient Web Hosting


At Sustain Europe, we believe that a sustainable business should cover even the smallest of details.

This website is hosted on Dual Xeon Intel RAID Protected Servers which have been optimised to run

more efficiently using less energy and are operated in a completely paperless environment.


The servers are 100% powered by using clean wind energy and are 200% carbon neutral. Which means that for

every kWH of energy which is used on the servers, double the amount of carbon offsets are purchased,

providing yet another example of Sustain Europe’s commitment to helping the environment.


To find out more information about our website and our servers please email us at:








We adopt the 3 R's approach to 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle':


We don't buy things we don't need. For the things we do need, we take a very careful look at whether or not there are better and more efficient options available.



Journalist's Toolkit & Office Supplies


We only use environmentally friendly products sourced from environmentally friendly companies.


In the event of ordering any supplies, we always choose the option of offset delivery if available. The more offsetting we can do at source the better, as this reduces our total operational CO2.





We reduce the need to travel by promoting the use of video/telephone conferencing wherever possible.

All of our staff members are encouraged to walk or cycle wherever possible. Having failed that,

we always look to utilise the most environmentally methods of transport.


We like using electric vehicles too. They don't cause local emissions and provided they are charged using renewable energy,

they won't contribute to smokestack emissions either (and we always insist on charging them using renewable energy).

This makes them the most environmentally friendly method of getting around after walking and cycling, and this will

always be our next preferred choice. We don't want to pay depreciation costs on an electric vehicle, so we hire them as and

when we need to use them. We choose the Renault Zoe because it is practical, well-equipped and looks pretty cool too:















And for those longer car journeys, we adopt the use of biodiesel from renewable resources.

But even then, we are always asking ourselves important questions, such as: do we really need to make that journey?

What are the pros and cons to the environment if we decide not to?


Asking ourselves the right type of questions doesn't just help reduce our carbon footprint and overheads,

but it also makes sure that we're practicing what we preach.


So there you have it. Just some of the small things we do at Sustain Europe which we hope might

help us in our quest to become the most environmentally responsible publication in Europe.



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