Powering a future for Europe


Every home, every business and every government depends on energy. Energy is thus at the heart of everybody's quality of life and the single most important factor for each and every business in Europe today. Although today we also face a challenge, the most important challenge of our time: how can we move towards sustainable growth without contributing to climate change and without relying on imports of environmentally damaging fossil-fuels?


The answer lies within keeping energy solutions right at the heart of all we do. Which is why at Sustain Europe we are proud to keep energy at the top of the agenda, and we hope that every environmentally responsible organisation will be proud to do the same.

The Clean Energy Package

WWF EU gives the lowdown on the steps we need to take to secure a clean future

Cleaner Energy For All

The European Commission's Director for Energy Policy Megan Richards outlines the clean energy agenda

Interview with Dr John J. Berger

Our U.S. Environmental Correspondent shares his thoughts on climate change

New Nuclear vs New Renewables

Fergal McEntee weighs up the pros and cons of nuclear versus renewable technologies

Growing the bioeconomy in Flanders

How Flanders Biobased Valley is committed to a fossil-free future




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